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In the legal field time is money. Law firms need to manage huge amounts of documents and information on a regular basis. They face significant challenges both in terms of organizing this information and keeping it secure. Misplacing information or having it fall into the wrong hands could cost these companies time and income. Not only that, they could face legal penalties as well.

As technology and the way we practice law continues to shift, the legal industry remains one of the most information-dependent sectors. While pragmatically addressing your firms’ growing technology needs can present a challenge, it’s also the best way for your firm to stay on top of your information, manage it intelligently, and protect your clients.


Security and compliance measures account for a growing portion of a law firm’s IT budget as firms like yours have become a treasure trove for hackers because they are the least guarded path to their clients’ confidential data. You must deploy policies and advanced legal records management measures that identify and mitigate risks, and prove that your clients’ assets are secure.

With the proliferation of connected multi-functional products (MFPs), Konica Minolta realizes that protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs and printers is an absolute requirement in today’s workplace. Our goal is to make our bizhub products the most secure devices available on the market with our information security and compliance. 

In an increasingly digital world, you have tremendous opportunity to spend your energy building your business as opposed to managing it. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and services are designed to increase workflow efficiency, storage, security and compliance by automating manual processes, digitizing your paperwork and streamlining office tasks. With less energy spent on manual tasks, chasing documents and managing paper operations, more time will be available for your most important tasks. 

Print Management is very effective at softening the hit to your budget from all of that paper you generate for your clients. What you need is an automated system for cost reduction as well as management and cost recovery solutions that are fully integrated with your network. IBSH can create such a system with our bizhub multifunction devices that integrate into your network. From there, you get secure and convenient workflow management, network faxing, and other features that allow you to easily charge back to clients, controlling your costs.

By capturing paper-based confidential information, you can provide maximum protection of personal data without fear of outside intrusion. Protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub SECURE MFPs and printers is an absolute requirement in today’s workplace.

Discard file cabinets that take up valuable employee work space; destroy unsightly banker’s boxes and other cardboard cartons used for paper storage; find documents quickly and easily; and reclaim time and money you can use to focus on growing your business.

Handling paper and unstructured information in an efficient manner is a problem common to all industries and departments. Content Management Solutions, help you to manage your content whether you are a small, medium or enterprise-sized (ECM) business. Through digital transformation, your data is stored centrally allowing for better access, management and security of your company’s information.

Less Paper. More Power For Your Law Firm.

Our robust solutions, services and hardware assist legal departments of all sizes to work smarter and more efficiently, streamlining their legal data and document management. We are today’s industry leader in providing legal document management solutions, IT Services, workflow management, collaboration tools, print management, document scanning and conversion services and, document security options. With proven expertise in serving the document management needs of legal organizations, we will reduce print costs and increase productivity all while maintaining the security of their documents and network that legal organizations have depended on for decades.

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